Published Conference, Workshop, Poster, and Journal Papers

The Creativity Kernel: An Open Platform for Distributed Design Intelligence
Piyum Fernando, Stacey Kuznetsov, Haakon Faste
DIS 2019 Extended Abstracts, 2019
Intuition in Design: Reflections on the Iterative Aesthetics of Form
Haakon Faste
Proc. ACM CHI, 2017, pp. 3403–3413.
STEM Academy: Insights from the Participatory Design of an Online Curriculum
Haakon Faste, Nancy Tsupros, Amy Jones Lewis, Stevie Kline
Educause Review, July/August 2014, pp. 58-59.

Implications of Location and Touch for On-Body Projected Interfaces
Chris Harrison, Haakon Faste
Proc. Designing Interactive Systems, 2014, pp. 543-552. (Honorable Mention)

Legacy in the Age of the Internet: Reflections on How Interactive Systems Shape How We Are Remembered
Rebecca Gulotta, William Odom, Haakon Faste, Jodi Forlizzi
Proc. Designing Interactive Systems, 2014, pp. 975-984.
Community Engagements with Living Sensing Systems
Stacey Kuznetsov, Will Harrigan-Anderson, Scott E. Hudson, Haakon Faste and Eric Paulos
Proc. ACM Creativity & Cognition, 2013

Brainstorm, Chainstorm, Cheatstorm, Tweetstorm: New Ideation Strategies for Distributed HCI Design
Haakon Faste, Nir Rachmel, Russell Essary, Evan Sheehan
Proc. ACM CHI, 2013, pp. 1343-1352.

Digital Artifacts as Legacy: Exploring the Lifespan and Value of Digital Data
Rebecca Gulotta, William Odom, Haakon Faste, Jodi Forlizzi
Proc. ACM CHI, 2013, pp. 1813-1822. (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

Design-Driven Narrative: Using Stories to Prototype and Build Immersive Design Worlds
Eric Spaulding, Haakon Faste
Proc. ACM CHI, 2013, pp. 2843-2852.

Looking Past Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Using Futures Studies Methods to Extend the Research Horizon
Jennifer Mankoff, Jennifer Rode, Haakon Faste
Proc. ACM CHI, 2013, pp. 1629-1638. (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

Digital Decay: (Dis)Repair, Reflection, and Forgetting
Rebecca Gulotta, Haakon Faste, Jodi Forlizzi
Workshop Proc. of CHI 2013: Reclaiming Repair: Maintenance and Mending as Methods for Design, 2013

Co-Worker Transparency in a Microtask Marketplace
Peter Kinnaird, Laura Dabbish, Sara Kiesler, Haakon Faste
ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), 2013
Demystifying "Design Research": Design is Not Research, Research is Design
Trygve Faste, Haakon Faste
IDSA Education Symposium, Industrial Designers Society of America, 2012

How Learning Works in Design Education: Educating for Creative Awareness Through Formative Reflexivity
Kathryn Rivard, Haakon Faste
Proc. Designing Interactive Systems, 2012, pp. 298-307. (Honorable Mention)

Photographic Social Media: A Framework for Design
Clifton Lin, Haakon Faste
Proc. Designing Interactive Systems, 2012, pp. 244-247.

The Untapped Promise of Digital Mind Maps
Haakon Faste, Honray Lin
Proc. CHI, 2012, pp. 1017-1026.

Designing an Improved HCI Laboratory: A Massive Synthesis of Likes & Wishes
Haakon Faste
CHI 2012 Extended Abstracts, 2012, pp. 485-488.

Revelado: Exploring the Preservation of our Digital Data
Rebecca Gulotta, Haakon Faste, Jodi Forlizzi
Workshop Proc. of CHI 2012

Curation, Provocation, and Digital Identity: Risks and Motivations for Sharing Provocative Images Online
Rebecca Gulotta, Haakon Faste, Jennifer Mankoff
Proc. CHI, 2012, pp. 387-390.
Opening ‘Open’ Innovation
Haakon Faste
Proc. Designing Pleasurable Products and Experiences (DPPI), 2011, pp. 421-428.

Digital Mind Mapping: Innovations for Real-time Collaborative Thinking
Honray Lin, Haakon Faste
CHI 2011 Extended Abstracts, 2011, pp. 2137-2142.

Ethical Challenges in Online Health Community Research
Rebecca Gulotta, Jennifer Mankoff, Haakon Faste, Kateryna Kuksenok
Workshop Proc. of CHI 2011: Ethics, Logs and Videotape:
Ethics in Large Scale Trials & User Generated Content, 2011
Towards the Ultimate Aesthetic Experience (summary) | (full version)
Haakon Faste, Massimo Bergamasco
Proc. ACM Creativity & Cognition, 2009, pp. 367-368.

A Strategic Map for High-Impact Virtual Experience Design
Haakon Faste, Massimo Bergamasco
Proc. SPIE, vol. 7238 (The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality), 2009, pp. 723-805.
Kinesthetic Thinking: Heightening Enactive Experience
Haakon Faste, Elvira Todaro, Massimo Bergamasco
5th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Pisa, Italy, 2008

Passages: An Artistic 3D Interface for Children's Rehabilitation and Special Needs
Fiammetta Ghedini, Haakon Faste, Marcello Carrozzino, Massimo Bergamasco
ICDVRAT International Conference Series on Disability, Virtual Reality, and Associated Technologies, Portugal, 2008
The Hand Dance: A Didactic Performance Platform
Elvira Todaro, Haakon Faste, Otniel Portillo-Rodriguez, Massimo Bergamasco
ICHIM International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 2007

Business Models for Enactive Interfaces
Elisabetta Sani, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Haakon Faste, Massimo Bergamasco
4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Grenoble, France, 2007

Towards a Flexible Real-time Gesture Recognition System for Virtual Environment Control
Otniel Portillo-Rodriguez, Oscar Sandoval-González, Haakon Faste, Jesús Velázquez Lechuga,
Gerardo Saucedo Basilio, Elvira Todaro, Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Massimo Bergamasco
4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Grenoble, France, 2007
Physical Presence: Palettes in Virtual Spaces
George Williams, Haakon Faste, Ian McDowall, Mark Bolas
Proc. SPIE, vol. 3639 (Electronic Imaging Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems), 1999, pp. 374-384.

Book Chapters

Posthuman-Centered Design
Digital Design Theory: Readings from the Field
Helen Armstrong (ed.)
Princeton Architectural Press
Enaction and Inactive Interfaces: A Handbook of Terms
Contributer, Enactive Systems Books, 2007

Human Computer Interaction in Skill Knowledge and Management
Contributer, SKILLS Reporting and Documentation Project Series (Chapter 7), 2007

Enactive Network of Excellence, Digest 2006: Multimodal Interfaces
Massimo Bergamasco, Fiammetta Ghedini, Haakon Faste, Editors
Enactive Consortium Press, project IST-2004-002114-ENACTIVE, 2007

Unpublished Manuscripts

Posthuman Factors: How Perceptual Robotic Art will Save Humanity from Extinction
Haakon Faste, PhD dissertation (200 pages), 02-2010


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